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The New Zealand Catholic Bishops have agreed that a national pilgrimage to WYD2019 be established and planned. This will involve:

  • One travel provider used by all pilgrims (provider yet to be agreed)
  • An agreed pilgrimage price, with the estimated range of $6,000-$7,000, but still to be confirmed due to flight & insurance pricing, land travel, and accommodation arrangements still in negotiation
  • National promotion of the pilgrimage with local engagement
  • Common pastoral preparation programme with local delivery
  • A pilgrim hui in Auckland immediately prior to departure
  • A common itinerary for the pilgrimage with all pilgrims travelling together to Panama and for the length of the pilgrimage. Some pilgrims may choose to extend their stay, or travel home by alternative routes following the conclusion of the pilgrimage
  • An accompanying bishop (Bishop Charles Drennan, Bishop of Palmerston North)
  • A pilgrimage chaplain (to be agreed)
  • A pilgrimage coordinator (to be agreed)
  • Approximately 40-60 pilgrims with the target age being 18yrs-35yrs old. The minimum age is 18yrs old, unless turning 18yrs in the near future and accompanied by an adult aged 25 yrs or older.

A Working Group of the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference’s Council for Young People has been established with contact points for each diocese.

The National Pilgrimage Working Group has prepared a document with an overview of our plans for the pilgrimage and important information regarding safety. This sheet was last updated on May 11th.

This information isn’t set in stone yet but stand by! We have engaged travel companies for a competitive price and we will have this confirmed as soon as possible. If you have any more questions then you can contact us here or get in touch with your Diocesan contact person listed in the document.

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