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The current estimate is approximately $8000 for the pilgrimage. This is only a loose estimate due to travel costs not yet being released by the local providers in Panama.

This $8000 estimate includes:

  • Flights + Insurance
  • WYD Package
  • Days in Diocese contribution to host diocese
  • Coach transport and accommodation
  • Hui / gathering of pilgrims in Auckland before travel
  • Other associated costs (eg cost of prep materials)

Other costs that will be at the pilgrim’s own expense and discretion and not included in the Pilgrim Package include:

  • Incidental meals not included in Pilgrim Package
  • Personal items costs
  • Vaccinations (around $100 – $300)
  • Entry to tourist sites not included in DiD or WYD programme
  • Add-on/variations for alternative return options
  • Third party surcharges/levies
  • Passport/visa costs
  • Excess baggage